Extractables/leachables assessment of COVID vaccines
Part 1: Rubber oligomers

Impact of inorganic polysulfides on protein adduct formation by

Protein-reactive extractables/leachables: Reactivity of Thiurams (vulcanization agents) towards disulfide bonds.

A new hypothesis for the EPREX case: The rubber leachable Vultac© binds covalently to EPO

Protein reactive E&L’s, präsentation at E&L conference Europe 2020
(in collaboration with A&M Stabtest GmbH)

Investigation on the protein reactivity of polysulfide-based vulcanization agents:
Application of a new screening assay using GSSG and impact on the EPREX case
(in collaboration with A&M Stabtest GmbH)

AMES test for brominated rubber oligomers needed? We have the standards!

Pro-electrophiles: A source of protein-reactive extractable not covered by most screening methods
(in collaboration with A&M Stabtest GmbH)

GSH-screening for the toxcicity asssessment of tobaco smoke

GSH screening of vapor of vitamin E acetate in e-cigarettes/vaping products

GSH screening of vitamin E acetate pyrolysate to identify potential harmful compounds in e-cigarettes/vaping products

Pitfalls using compound databases: Wrong identification of extractables in LC-MS datasets

GSH-depletion by rubber oligomer C13H23Br