ASAS is able to isolate and purify the bromo butyl rubber oligomers C13H23Br
(Br-C13 rubber Oligomer, CAS 2514965-51-4)

and C21H39Br (Br-C21 rubber oligomer, CAS 2518227-14-8).

These compounds are of special interest, due to their abundance in rubber extracts and their toxicological properties. Contradictory information are available regarding the mutagenicity (AMES test negative, modified AMES test positive). The reactivity towards proteins, as predicted with in-silico tools (Toxtree protein binding) was confirmed experimentally.

The butyl rubber oligomers C21H40 (CAS 2512216-71-4, alternate CAS 114123-74-9 ), C13H24 (CAS 63251-38-7) and C21H39Cl (CAS 2446375-29-5)  are also available.

NEW: The isomers of rubber oligomer C21H39Br (E- and Z-isomers of the vinyl analogue) are now available.

C21H39Br isomer 2 (E-isomer)

C21H39Br isomer 1 (Z-isomer)

ASAS is the first laboratory world-wide (at least to our knowledge), offering these compounds.

An example of an CoA can be found here: C21H40-Oligo-CoA-#20210615

Information on degraded antioxidants: BHT quinone methide

If you are interested, please ask for an offer.